Welcome to the home of BRIFEN Canada.

    BRIFEN is the leader in cable barrier technology, having proven itself with approvals and installations worldwide. BRIFEN was the first proprietary cable barrier system to be approved by the British Highways authority in the 1980’s. As BRIFEN was developed in conjunction with the UK Transportation Authority, the design emphasized safety first. Since that time, BRIFEN has undergone dozens of crash tests to comply with North American and European standards. BRIFEN has showed itself to be such a leader in Cable Barriers that in some cases we even assisted in the design of standard testing.

    BRIFEN Canada was founded in 2005. While driving down Interstate 5 in Washington State we noticed the generic cable barrier system that was deployed in the median. We thought that this would be a perfect solution for Canadian highways. As we introduced the product to the various Provincial Ministries of Transportation word soon got around that BRIFEN was indeed the world leader in cable barrier technology and design.