Abbotsford, British Columbia

    The City of Abbotsford, British Columbia is the first jurisdiction in Canada to install the BRIFEN Cable Barrier. The City and Parks Department had a particular problem with a local collector road next to a baseball diamond. The playing field sits below the grade of the road. At this point, the road took a 90° corner, and a barrier was required to protect the children from an out-of-control vehicle.

When the City of Abbotsford looked at all their traditional barrier options, they quickly realized that concrete was too heavy for the slope.

    BRIFEN Canada was asked to look at the site for the suitability of using our cable barrier. The length of the installation is a mere 35 meters. After careful consideration we felt that we could help. Our TL4 system was perfect for this application.

    BRIFEN chose to use an upright end anchor system. This was done for 2 reasons. The cables are at the proper height right from the start, and we did not want pedestrians tripping over the cables at the anchor.

This installation, though short in stature, is tall on protection.

Harrison Hot Springs, District of Kent, British Columbia

    Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia is the second BRIFEN Canada installation. This project was commissioned by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation, in association with the District of Kent.

    The site is a 200 meter section running along the Harrison Lake shoreline. This is a rural local road which boasts a very modest traffic count. The speed along this stretch of road is 50 km/h. Recently, there was a fatal accident on the road. A barrier was needed. The traffic on this road increases exponentially during summer months. This, being a tourist destination, means that there are many drivers who are unfamiliar with this winding road.

    With the road so close to the edge of the shore, placing concrete would have meant re-working the road bed. BRIFEN was asked to install its TL4 cable barrier along the roadside. The benefits of BRIFEN are apparent when you can get TL4 protection without destroying a beautiful view.