Why choose Brifen?

    If you had to choose between Brifen, Guardrail and Concrete barriers, which type would you choose? If your main concern is reducing death and injuries, the choice is clear. You would choose Brifen.

    Below is a chart which compares the Occupant Risk Factors for the three different options mentioned above. The data is from actual test results of each type of barrier. You be the judge as to which barrier you would want to hit. The numbers clearly show that an impact into the Brifen Cable Barrier will result in little or no injuries when compared to guardrail and concrete.

Brifen: 1500 kg car into 4 cable system at 3.2 meter post spacing

Guardrail: 2299 kg Truck into Trinity T-31 guardrail

Concrete: 1975 kg Truck into 6 m length x 810 mm high Jersey Barrier

As a rule, smaller vehicles have more severe occupant risk values when tested against longitudinal barriers